SUPERBOWL Football Pool Idea

Get ready for the game and make a great play by kicking off a Super Bowl sale with your customers! This is my FAVORITE Customer Promotion of the year….and my customers just love it!

  • SuperBowl Pool Board — Set a goal of filling 2 boards and have sales of $2,000!!!
  • SuperBowl Promo Customer Letter — this is emailed, mailed and put into all my reorder bags starting in mid-January and all the way to SuperBowl Sunday.
  • SuperBowl Flyer – If you don’t like the idea of the pool, and you just want a cute sale idea – this is for you!

NEW TW Repair VoluFirm Deep Wrinkle Filler!

071883Worried about deep wrinkles….NOT ANYMORE!!!! Try the Brand NEW TimeWise Repair VoluFirm Deep Wrinkle Filler! 100% of women showed an improvement in the appearance of wrinkle severity* after using Volu-Fill™ Deep Wrinkle Filler. 

This product has a more advanced formula that contains encapsulated retinol & encapsulated hyaluronic acid. These ingredients are recognized by skin care experts and talked about in beauty magazines because of the impressive and impactful results they deliver. This formula also contains flexible elastomers, which are special, microscopic fibers that provide visible filling benefits in addition to providing a foundation for the encapsulated hyaluronic acid.

CLICK HERE to learn more about this fabulous product

Getting Leads Using Rose Promotions!

The biggest complaint I hear is consultants do not know anyone they can book or they are having trouble getting bookings. The reason for that is they are not lead generating! Throughout my years in Mary Kay I have tweaked one of the ways I lead generate and I have found it to be very successful!

Follow these steps and scripts to hold a successful ROSE PROMO at Restaurants and get lots of LEADS!!

Bathroom Model Bags!

washing_faceThis HOT new way of selling our Skin Care Products can have you adding $1,600+ in sales to your bottom line each month…GET EXCITED!!! Just hand out 4 Bathroom Model bags per week and add an additional 192 customers to your customer base per year!

This is NOT to replace your skin care classes as they are still the best way…but this idea is in addition to!


Here’s Everything You Need to Get This Program Up & Running!

Bathroom Model Preparation - Your scripts to booking your model, what to say when you pick your bag up and what goes in each model roll-up bag.

Instruction Post Card Front - These are the morning & evening skin care steps for your customer for each model bag: TW Repair, TW Miracle, Botanicals, and ClearProof

Instruction Post Card Back - This is the product guide that explains the amount of product needed and how to apply each product.

Bathroom Model Survey - Have each customer complete after they have finish their 4 days of using the products. You will collect this survey when you meet with them to pick up their bag and do their individual close.

Beauty of Friendship Referrals - Give this to each Bathroom model so she can refer her family & friends who would love some pampering too! Work full circle is key!


Tips to Help You Move UP FAST!!!

Can you get excited about your business and make some changes if you knew you couldn’t fail???

Here are 5 Things YOU Can do NOW to MOVE UP FAST!!

  1. Hand out 5 Business Cards a day using the following dialog, “My Director requires that I hand out 5 cards a day! Would you like one with or without a sample? I also have some with $5 (or $10) coupons…but we need to book a time to get together for you to spend it.”
  2. Book 2 appointment every day! Any type of party you choose! It can also be an on-the-go or a facial.
  3. Share the Mary Kay Opportunity with 3 people every week!
  4. Have $600 in weekly sales backed up with a $1,200 wholesale order in the month.
  5. Email or bring your Weekly Accomplishment Sheet to your weekly meeting.

POWER UP & Wear RED in 30 Days or Less!

I know, I know….some of you are already thinking…..

  1. I don’t have 3 people to even “ask” to join my team.
  2. I’m so new to Mary Kay I don’t even know what I’m doing — how can I recruit?
  3. I am not sure I know how to lead other people.


Did you know….that you are just 6 parties away from being in YOUR RED JACKET!!!!

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