Administrative & Professionals Week April 21-25!

Are you making the most of the upcoming Week….Administrative & Professionals Week!!! RIGHT NOW….Contact bosses, business owners, department heads in your office, customers, etc and ask how they are planning to show “Thanks” to their secretary’s and administrative assistants this year!

Here’s some great ideas to make the most of this week!

1. Jen’s “Pink Service” for Administrative & Professional’s Week – Scripts for how to sell Gift Baskets and Pizza Pampering Lunches

2. Administrative & Professional’s Day Gift Ideas – 8 Fabulous Gift Ideas ranging from $15 – $45!

3. Offer Pizza & Pampering Lunch - Hot pizza lunch, drinks, dessert and an entire hour of pampering for the entire staff!!  Be the boss who is a Hero and not a Zero!  They will love it!!

Tips to Help You Move UP FAST!!!

Can you get excited about your business and make some changes if you knew you couldn’t fail???

Here are 5 Things YOU Can do NOW to MOVE UP FAST!!

  1. Hand out 5 Business Cards a day using the following dialog, “My Director requires that I hand out 5 cards a day! Would you like one with or without a sample? I also have some with $5 (or $10) coupons…but we need to book a time to get together for you to spend it.”
  2. Book 2 appointment every day! Any type of party you choose! It can also be an on-the-go or a facial.
  3. Share the Mary Kay Opportunity with 3 people every week!
  4. Have $600 in weekly sales backed up with a $1,200 wholesale order in the month.
  5. Email or bring your Weekly Accomplishment Sheet to your weekly meeting.

Get Motivated!

Dream Book by Jen Semelsberger
NSD from Skin Care Class
Comfort Zone
Dreaming & Believing by Mary Kay Ash
Great Affirmations
NSD Dacia Wiegandt’s I-Story
When Life Happens — Plan B Ahead
NSD Gloria Mayfield Banks Accolades

Playback Number: (218) 844-8799
Access Code: 832069#
Consultant Who Sells $10,000 a month


Use this plan to earn OVER $225 in PROFIT!!! The Honey Bunny Basket is easy to share in every way.  Enjoy!


Challenge Dates: APRIL 18–30


Mary Kay Trunk Show

Today Consultants and hostesses have busy work schedules and may have a hard time finding time to schedule classes. Trunk shows are group selling presentations for busy women of today. Trunk shows offer consultants the opportunity to meet a number of new potential customers and team members.

***These are also great for holiday selling. Just pack your car full of wrapped gifts and go to local businesses and sell away!

CLICK HERE to learn everything about doing TRUNK Shows from booking them, coaching them, and holding them!!

REMEMBER…..Skin Care Classes still remain your SINGLE MOST PROFITABLE group selling presentation, which is the BONDING FORCE that forges lifetime relationships between Consultants and customers.

POWER UP & Wear RED in 30 Days or Less!

I know, I know….some of you are already thinking…..

  1. I don’t have 3 people to even “ask” to join my team.
  2. I’m so new to Mary Kay I don’t even know what I’m doing — how can I recruit?
  3. I am not sure I know how to lead other people.


Did you know….that you are just 6 parties away from being in YOUR RED JACKET!!!!


It’s finally here! Our first skin care line that features a special botanical complex to help defend against environmental damage and help promote healthy skin! This is the biggest news since the Miracle Set launched in 2002. This means new selling opportunities, a chance to grow your business, and of course, beautiful skin for potential new and existing customers.

Check out the links below for tips and tools to help you learn!

  • ALL ABOUT – Learn everything there is to know about this new skin care line, its different formulas, and its unique packaging!
  • What’s Your Type Quiz – Quiz to help you and your customers determine which formula is best for them!
  • Thank You Postcard – send this thank you postcard to all your customers who are using the Classic Basic to help them make the switch!
  • Botanicals Placemat – for your Botanical parties
  • Why Make the Switch? – Help customers understand why to make the switch from the Classic Basic Skin Care line to the Botanicals

Become a Gold Member!!!

Congratulations on your decision to become a Sales Director! You are about to embark on the most exciting journey!! It will be filled with ups & downs but the end result is worth every hardship! Sales Directors represent the TOP 2% of all of Mary Kay and is the most rewarding position you will ever hold!

Become a Gold Member! – This packet has your tracking sheets and path of activity to follow to reach DIQ and more!

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