My name is Jennifer Ondrako and I am the PROUD Sales Director of the Pink Producers Unit in Mary Kay. I have been building my business since November 2005 and have been a Sales Director since September 2006.

I grew up in the small town of Cleveland, Wisconsin right on Lake Michigan and moved to Glen Allen, Virginia in January 2006. I spent 5 wonderful years there building my business until I relocated to Charlotte, NC  where I currently reside with my husband Nick. We were married on August 22, 2009 and spent an incredible honeymoon in Rome, Italy. Thanks to Mary Kay I was able to take off 3 weeks for my wedding and honeymoon!

I was introduced to Mary Kay at a Career Fair in the fall of 2005 at my college, University of Wisconsin–Green Bay during my last semester. I really didn’t know anything about Mary Kay, about the products, or how being a part of the company worked. At the career fair, I was drawn to the Mary Kay booth by its big pink banner—it stood out more than any other booth there. I handed the lady at the booth (now my Senior Sales Director Cindy Draghicchio) my resume hoping to get an interview. I thought you had to apply for a position in the company, just like all the other companies at the career fair that day. Shortly after the event Cindy called me wanting to book a facial with me and share the information about the career opportunity. I turned her down several times with excuses why I was too busy to meet with her. During that time, my friend joined as consultant and told me I really needed to do the business with her. So I finally agreed two months later to listen to the facts about Mary Kay and signed up as a consultant to help my friend. I really had no intention of doing the business but thought I would just get my product at wholesale and maybe try to earn a little extra cash for the holidays.

Over the next month and half I started to see all the great things that Mary Kay offers to women. I saw how happy all the consultants and directors were ALL the time. I saw women earning free cars, diamond rings, and fabulous trips around the world. I also got to see some of the paychecks that tops directors and National Sales Directors were earning—they were astounding. I had realized that I had got into into Mary Kay, but now Mary Kay was getting into me!

I graduated that December ’05 with my Bachelors Degree in Business and Marketing and had been offered a job at Wells Fargo Financial. It was fabulous job offer for someone coming right out of college—great salary, full benefits package, and even stock options!! BUT something about Mary Kay was tugging at my heart. So I went to seek out some advise from my college Marketing Adviser. He told me that if I had any desire to do the Mary Kay business full-time that I should do it. He had read about Mary Kay and knew how sound of a company it was and how fabulous of an opportunity it is for women. He reassured me that if I tried it and it didn’t work out that I would always have a college degree to fall back on.

With the nudge of my husband Nick and my marketing advisor’s advise, I turned down the job at Wells Fargo Financial, moved to Virginia in January of 2006 and began building my business. Within 7 months, I became a Sales Director, have earned 1 free car and am currently working to earn my second. I have enjoyed every minutes of my business. I am so grateful someone shared Mary Kay with me because I cannot even begin to imagine what my life would be like working a 9-5 job!!!

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