How to Hold a Glamour Party!

The glamour Parties are just soo much fun! But make sure your hostess has done a Skin Care Class first! Mary Kay always said, “If you paint on a bad canvas, the picture just won’t look as good.” In our case, the canvas is our face! Great skin care provides a great canvas, so makeup will look more polished!

Your Hostess is the only one who is getting a FULL CUSTOMIZED LOOK! All of her guests will just get color sampler cards to play with! This will entice them to host their own party so they too will get a full customized look!


  • I highly recommend each consultant to have their very own ColorInsider Book & ColorInsider DVD. It can be purchase on under Section 2.
  • Attend any Glamour Training you can get your hands on at your weekly meetings & guests events
  • Check out Makeup Artist Robert Jones — he has workshops and great learning tools

What to do Before the Glamour Class:

  • Find out what kind of look your customerCreate your hostesses Customized Glamour Look on the Beauty Profiler on
  • Click here for a list of what to pack for a Glamour Class!
  • Click here for the Glamour Order of Application….you will need one of these for the hostess only!
  • Click here for the Color Roll Up Bag…you will need one of these for the hostess only, your guests receive the Roll-Up Bag Placemat!
  • Click here for the Half Back Hostess Card
  • Click here for the Half Back letter you’ll want to give each guest during the individual consultation as they book their color appointment.


At The Glamour Class:

  • Before Guests Arrive – set up their trays and organize yourself!
  • As Guests Arrive – introduce yourself!
  • When Class Starts – memorize flip chart verbatim!
  • After Class is Completed – individual close with each guest in a separate location from the group…this provides a more personal setting for you to build a relationship with each person there.
  • Click here for a breakdown on what your individual close should sound like!

After Class:

  • Click here to see how you can provide Exceptional Customer Service
  • Click here for some Future Booking Opportunities

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